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I've been involved in Engineering in one form or another since I was at school, I was an Industrial Gas Engineer and I've made Radio Controlled models, both for my own entertainment, and professionally in the past. I've made and run/flown boats, planes, helicopters, cars - just about everything over the years. My interest these days is more in steam and I purchased a long bed Myford Super7 lathe some years ago. The last thing I did for myself was a Borderer Steam Engine from Reeve's castings and it's still not quite finished, It's now painted and runs well on air at 10psi but needs the lagging sorting. I've built the gear driven water pump some of it pure CNC fashion, other parts using the mill and lathe in "manual" mode, next in line after that is the boiler.

Unfortunately the Super 7 had to go when I was offered a CNC lathe, I wish I had more space!!

Here are links to copies of the Super7 lathe manual and Gearbox manual. (Warning these are large PDF files at 4.3 and 3.5Mb respectively)

Here are a few pictures, they are recent and ongoing projects, but show a little of the diversity of what interests me.



Also here is an Engraving I did for a friend for his Birthday - It's screwed proudly to the dash of his 16m boat, the last item is a ring I made from some scrap Titanium, my wife "stole" it. <G>.


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