Centec Mill

Sieg SX3

Centec 2B Mill

I bought a Centec 2B mill, although there was nothing mechanically wrong with it, it needed a good clean, tidy and paint job. I'll document things as time goes but initially here are some pictures showing the "before" stage. I also have the quill feed vertical head. I'll add those photos as work progresses.

Power Feed Motor

General View

Makers Plate

Table showing slight damage

High/Low ratio gear lever

Control Panel

Knee handle detail

A bit of paint required!

General arrangement - Gearbox

Look - no sludge!

Feednut assembly

Underneath of Table


Link for the Centec setup manual, amended to add a few section drawings and a parts list.  Warning this manual is large at nearly 3Mb - right click link to download and read remotely.

Here is an addendum to the above manual which shows more detail on the Vertical Machining Attachment and power feed.


This mill, sadly, had to go to make way for the Sieg SX3 CNC mill.


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