Centec Mill

Sieg SX3

SX3 CNC Conversion


Y axis Ballscrew mount

Y axis has preloaded bearing mount at inner end, outer end is free floating. End of Z axis ballscrew with its bearing can be seen, mounting plate has not been slid into position yet.

Z Axis lower bearing, Y Axis stepper mount

Z Axis lower bearing is free floating in its housing.

The large stepper and it's mounting can be seen. Motor is from Arc Euro Trade, part # AC571157525M rated at 220Ncm.

Z Axis upper mount

Z Axis preloaded upper mount and coupling. Screws yet to be cut to length

Y Axis ballscrew

Bottom of column showing where Y axis ballscrew passes through. Hole was easily cut using a hole saw drilled from both sides. Column casting was 56mm thick at this point.

Here are a few pictures I took showing the details of the ball screw mountings during the conversion.